WHAT TO WEAR: Comfortably Disney

With the cooler weather finally making its way to Florida, everyone is starting to break out their winter clothes!  This is an adorable outfit fit for a magical day at any one of the Walt Disney World parks!  This outfit is not only warm, but also super comfortable to wear in the parks for hours.  As someone who has spent hours in Walt Disney World, I know the importance of being comfortable (and warm) in the park while also being cute for all of the magical pictures that will be taken with characters and landmarks.

What I love about this outfit is how subtle the Disney theming is.  Unless you knew the characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas, you wouldn’t notice anything in particular about the pattern of the cardigan.  It’s kind of like your own personal version of a hidden Mickey!  The bowler hat is a fun accessory that gives this Fashionista a classy style.  With all of the black in this outfit it can be difficult to find something to balance it without it becoming distracting; these ankle high boots with the soft texture and soothing color manages to find that balance.

Something unique about this outfit is that it can be modified to fit someone else’s style.  Simple things like adding jewelry, wearing a belt, or switching the Disney-themed cardigan for a plain cardigan can make this outfit more tailored to you.  Overall, this outfit does an amazing job being Disney-cute while also staying practical.