WHAT TO WEAR: Comfort and Style for Class

It’s hard to know sometimes what’s the best thing to wear for a day of classes on campus. There are a number of things you have to consider, from how’s the weather like, to the distance you have to walk that day, and if it’s really worth wearing that cute pair of heels. It’s hard to mix comfort and style when you’re trying to be practical. The weather alone causes confusion when it comes to picking an outfit. What do you wear if it’s going to rain later? What if it gets warmer and your sweater goes from comfortable to sweltering?

For those of us in North Carolina, you never know if you need a jacket, a rain coat, or a pair of sandals in your bag. The weather is definitely not our friend when it comes to figuring out what to wear in the morning. We’ll have snow one day, and a couple days later, the sun is out and everyone is in shorts and T-shirts. This Fashionista takes on the challenge of unpredictable North Carolina weather and kills it in a comfy and cool outfit that’s perfect for a day of classes.

It was cool and foggy day, so this Fashionista started off with a black bodysuit from Boohoo and an oversize plaid button-down from Plato’s Closet. Bodysuits are great for layering underneath other pieces since they can come in a variety of colors, fit you really well, and won’t bunch up like a lot of tank tops do. It’s really annoying when your perfect outfit is ruined by your tank top bulging around your waist, so I definitely recommend getting a body suit for layering purposes!

Instead of going the more traditional route of long pants and booties as a winter outfit, this Fashionista did the opposite with these beautiful draping shorts in a burnt orange color, and kept her legs warm by wearing this gorgeous pair of thigh-high boots. She finished off the look with some rings from various thrift and antique stores, and a green necklace from Urban Core Collective.

What I love most about this outfit is that this Fashionista made it very versatile. You can wear it for class, for a study session in the library, or going out to enjoy a cup of coffee. It’s perfect for any activity on campus, and you don’t have to compromise your comfort or style.