WHAT TO WEAR: Comfort and Style During Exam Season

WHAT TO WEAR: Comfort and Style During Exam Season

It is that time of year again: exam season. It is the time of late library nights, extra shots of espresso, and re-tweeting inspirational quotes. Although school is the main priority at this time of the year, our personal style does not have to suffer. We are always told to dress to impress, and exam time is no different. Let what you wear show your style while also making you feel confident to ace your exams.

When sitting for many consecutive hours in the library or at a desk, comfort is key. However being study ready does not mean you do not have to look stylish. And yes, we all sometimes throw on gym shorts and an oversize T-shirt because sometimes it is going to be that kind of day that style needs to take a backseat. Although, if you follow this Fashionista’s example add your personal fashion sense to even a Starbucks study look, you will feel ready to conquer finals!

So follow this Fashionista’s look of combined comfort and fashion with breathable printed shorts and a classic black long sleeved T-shirt for those chilly library late nights. Throw your hair up in a messy bun and easily take your look to the next level with a wrapped lariat necklace and mix matched earrings. Add a pair of black strappy sandals and now you are ready to crack open those books.

But remember, Fashionistas, we are college students and how hard we work now can help us in the future. Take the time to prepare for exams, but also take some time for yourself. Go treat yourself to a new summer outfit, dinner with friends, or a night of classic movies and popcorn. This time of the year is almost over so take a deep breath, and good luck!