WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

Rain can be a huge enemy especially when it’s time to get dressed for the busy day ahead of you. This Fashionista does a great job of using essential pieces to protect her from the rain while still looking stylish. The most important part of any rainy day outfit are the much needed rain boots and raincoat. This Fashionista is toughing through the rain with an edgy pair of spiked rain booties. The studs are a notable element that makes these rain boots really stand out. She also has a light jacket to protect her from the gloomy day in that trendy army green color.

Underneath her jacket she is wearing a white shirt that is far from plain. The front of the top has intricate details and the back has a low scoop. This shirt is paired with an army green strappy bralette that peeks through the front and back of the shirt. The bralette also matches her jacket’s color. This Fashionista is also sporting some two-tone leggings. Sometimes full leather leggings can get hot and uncomfortable. These leggings are a perfect balance of comfortable legging and cool leather. Altogether she does a RAD job of staying in neutral tones and using small details like her strappy bralette and studs to enhance her outfit.

One Simple Change: This outfit can be transformed into a bunch of other great looks with a simple change of shoes! Hopefully it will stop raining, and this Fashionista can change into some gladiator sandals for warmer weather! She can also loose the jacket to show off the details on her shirt and bralette.