WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

Who said being comfortable meant you have to look like a bum? Not this girl. This Fashionista, who is a senior at GWU, proves that with her cozy but very cute and comfortable look. On a cold day, it’s easy to feel lazy and not want to think too much in terms of putting together an outfit. Fortunately, however, an outfit like this is not hard to plan and looks great at the same time. It’s an outfit that captures a mood that says, “It’s cold so I’m going to stay warm and cozy, but I’m going to look fabulous at the same time.”

Wondering where this Fashionista got the look? She got her inspiration,”dancer’s day off” from her friend, who created that title for her own personal aesthetic. “I took that and ran with it, even though I can’t dance,” she said. And when asked where she got all of her cute stuff, she made it sound easier than online shopping. “Boyfriend jeans are my go-to, they were from the Gap and my cousin ripped them for me over the summer. The flannel was thrifted from my brother’s closet. Hoops thrifted from my roommates jewelry box. And the adidas Superstars are a new purchase and are my new every-days.”

Sounds simple to me—simple but cute. I noticed that even when taking pictures of this Fashionista outside, despite the snow, the scarf and the oversized feeling of the flannel was enough to keep her warm. So for those of you who think it’s hard to piece together an outfit when it’s cold outside, it IS possible! I know that I used to be one of those people. You just have to get creative, and according to this Fashionista, it doesn’t have to be so deep. It can be as simple as taking a quick trip to your brother’s closet.

One Simple Change: Is it getting a little colder out than earlier in the day? Has the sun began to set and you’re starting to really feel the chill? Try switching to a jacket that’s a little warmer, like a heavy bomber or something fun and fuzzy. Still cute, still cozy.