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WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

I hope everyone has enjoyed and stuffed themselves for Thanksgiving because holiday season has officially begun! Here in New York City, we’ve been experiencing a pretty warm autumn season, but it seems now the cold weather is finally approaching. December is now upon us and that calls for snow, hot chocolate and trees covered in Christmas lights. It sure is the most wonderful time of the year, the city is never as magical as it is during the holidays.

Once the weather begins to get cold, the color palette of people’s closets grows darker, on the street people are wearing more colors of gray, black and navy blue. Colors and prints largely effect our decisions of what to wear, our personal styles, emotions that particular day and our creativity. However, what I love about this Fashionisto’s outfit is the detail of the houndstooth patterned coat. This Fashionisto dressed in all black with a button-down, dress pants, shoes and decided to add a layer that will, for sure, make his outfit pop with the presence of his black and white houndstooth coat.

Simplicity and minimalism go a long way in fashion, but while colors are a form of expression, adding in patterns is a form of art. Before you start wearing more of a darker color palette, be sure to add a couple of fun patterns to your closet.

So, are you ready for long warm coats, knee-high boots, knit hats and mittens? I say bring on the magic!

One Simple Change: Want to make this look more casual for class? No problem! Just add a T-shirt with a cardigan instead and voila!