WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

We all know that colder weather makes for declining motivation to go to class. By dressing fashionable and warm this season, we will all need to find another excuse to skip. Many think that bundling up and keeping warm means looking like you have no fashion sense at all, but staying on trend and not getting a cold are easy tasks.

This Fashionisto is well prepared for the cold weather that is about to come with simple pieces that can easily be layered to add warmth. Starting off with his top, a flannel, how perfect for the cold. With the cozy fabric and holiday red color, it definitely fits the season. Adding in a slick, black vest will certainly help keep him warm from class to class. His simple, not over-the-top jeans, help compliment the flannel and also keep the look casual. Onto the shoes, these boots are the Holy Grail for cold weather. Trucking through the snow will be no problem in these, and feel free to layer up those long socks to help keep those toes from getting frostbite. Another simple and easy touch is his watch which is matching the brown leather band to his brown boots. This accessory for guys is simple and absolutely practical.

One Simple Change: Need to also meet the parents in this cold weather? An easy way to do this and still stay comfortable is to change into some darker washed jeans. This helps you look a little bit dressier but also lets you stay warm too.