WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

As November dawns upon us, we reluctantly let go of the iced beverages and try our best to gear up for that impending first snowstorm. I cannot stress enough the importance of staying warm during this conscientious period of term papers, finals prep, flu season and holiday shopping.

Looking cozy in a chic wrap coat, this Fashionista here proves to us that fall 2015 is so much more than just the blanket scarves and pumpkin spice lattes which constitute the two main current roaring trends. Stripped of all that is idyllic, romantic and ornamental about cold weather, autumnal fashion fundamentally gravitates around keeping warm through layers and making a statement about the beauty of different kinds of textile. Necklaces and bracelets often get caught in our hair when it gets windy, cardigans fall on the floor in classrooms and get trampled by wet muddy boots, heavy scarves get lost at coat-check. On cold weekend days, warm yet simple outfits are the best outfits to transition from a day spent exploring the city to a casual night out.

Still, this look, albeit simple, is far from being plain, because our Fashionista cleverly chose to complement the coat’s three-quarter sleeves with a black knit sweater that has long leather sleeves. Leather isn’t just a miscellaneous element in the outfit; if we take a closer look to her boots and her bag, they blend perfectly well together. It is a recurring and stern statement, but nothing flashy. She looks effortlessly put together and undeniably timeless.

Cold weather will surely bring some obstacles when putting together an outfit. Keep it simple, chic and warm to look and feel your best!

One Simple Change: If the temperature drops lower than the usual November frost, swap the wrap coat for a faux fur coat of a similar colour to make a bigger statement, opt to splurge on a chunkier sweater and keep your legs warm with a nice pair of riding boots. It’ll work wonders, whether it’s for a long day at school or on a quick trip to the bakery. Stay warm, stay safe, so that November’s cold and dry tantrum may have nothing left to threaten us with.