WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

Chicago has been on a cold front despite being so close to summer. On a normal spring day just a top and skirt would suffice. But to prepare to face the unusual cold, today’s Fashionista paired her tropical top and black skater skirt with tights, a comfy sweater and a spring jacket.

These pieces take this look from 70-degree weather to 40-degree weather, while still being fashionable and fun. The tropical top adds color and flair to an otherwise dark color palette. Both her sweater and spring jacket are blue and complement the cool tones in her tropical top. They also act in breaking up the black of her bottom half: her skirt, tights and boots. She also added black socks that peek out of her boots and act as an extra layer of warmth. If you live in a city experiencing colder weather this summer, you could recreate this look by adding a sweater like this, or a simple jacket like this to any outfit without looking like you’re dressed for fall. And these shoes transcend seasons, so you could trade these for a pair of sandals.

Having to defend yourself against a cold front in June seems unusual, but while living in Chicago you learn to accept it and sometimes even appreciate it.

One Simple Change: You can also wear this outfit on a night out while still remaining warm and toasty. For a night out on the town, you could switch the skirt and top for a simple but chic summer dress and pair it with fun tights and a pair of strappy heels. This small but simple change would keep you looking fresh for a night out with your girls, while allowing you to stay warm throughout the night.