WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

It’s been a bad week over here in Southern California. I’m not just talking about the three midterms I had back to back, but the temperatures have gone down so low that I’m pretty sure it is colder than winter. Yup, I’m talking about bone-chilling mid-60-degree weather, gloomy overcast skies and breezy winds that made it practically impossible to wear anything but pants. Now that cold weather has surprisingly kicked in, many Fashionistas on campus are covered from head to toe, braving the frigid temperatures from the comfort of their dorms to their classes on campus.

Trudging through these harsh winds and cold temperatures doesn’t mean you have to risk your sense of style; this Fashionista is a perfect example of that. Layered on top of a black top and bottoms is a black leather jacket and an oversized scarf. She completed her look with cute ankle booties, similar to these. Perhaps the reason why dark colors are more popular when the weather is not particularly happy is because they seem to be warmer (well, scientifically, darker colors do absorb light energy more effectively than lighter colors and therefore sustain more heat, but let’s not relive my midterm right now). Whether they keep you warmer or not, these dark colors definitely give off a cool, sleek and collected vibe. To get this look, you can go monochromatic and look calm even through your most stressful exams. Even though you might not have done as well as you hoped (or even if you aced it!), it’s okay because you looked fantastic through it all.

While you may choose to keep warm based on your own personal style, the best advice I could give would be to layer up. It could be monochromatic or it doesn’t have to be. After layering, adding accessories like scarves and a head wrap can keep you even warmer and more stylish—it’s a win win!

One Simple Change: For this specific look, this Fashionista could leave the scarf back at her dorm and she would immediately be ready for a girl’s night out!