WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

It’s the middle of May, but Seattle must not have gotten the memo: it’s been dreary and rainy this whole week. Going from warm weather to cold weather and back again can be hard to handle. What’s a Fashionista to do? Sick of carrying around one’s entire wardrobe at all times, the best option is a good jacket.

When looking for a weather-appropriate jacket, one important quality to keep in mind is whether or not the piece is waterproof. Water-resistant simply doesn’t cut it in a rainy environment like Seattle or even on rainy days in an otherwise dry area. A waterproof jacket can be a bit more pricey, but the cost is certainly worth the benefits. There’s nothing worse than somehow getting wet when you thought you were protected from the rain.

Another important quality in a good jacket is versatility. Take, for instance, this Fashionista’s jacket. The neutral color makes it easy to wear with everything from bright red rain boots to casual black pants. The simple silhouette also makes this jacket easy to throw on over whatever your outfit of the day happens to be.

A defining detail, like these gold buttons, sets your ideal jacket apart from other simple cold weather jackets. Look for a fun tie-waist or an interesting pattern on the inner lining. You’ll be rocking the cold weather in no time, just like this Fashionista!

One Simple Change: The best part about such a versatile jacket is that you can wear it almost anywhere. Layer it over an LBD and some black tights for a cute and practical date night outfit.