WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

Technically, spring is almost here! Unfortunately, the weather in Pennsylvania hasn’t quite received the memo. With Penn State’s first snow day in eight years occurring just last week, winter definitely hasn’t gotten any less intense here in Happy Valley. Students are excited for days that are above single digits in degrees. With such harsh weather conditions taking us into mid-March, it’s not always easy to figure out what to wear to keep warm and stay stylish simultaneously. While hustling from class downtown, I ran into this simply dressed and layered Fashionisto and stopped him to get a better look at his full ensemble.

I was at first shocked to see him with his jacket unbuttoned on such a cold day. However, once I got a better look at his outfit I was able to see how he stayed toasty regardless. With his long (and stunningly beautiful) wool peacoat as his outermost layer, he was able to brace the temperature. Underneath, he sported a simple knit zip-up jacket to allow for extra warmth and a hood if needed. As his final layer of defense, he wore a thick crew neck sweater that he was able to expose beneath all of his open top layers. With his black beanie and sleek Ray-Bans, he looked both street chic and smartly dressed. He was warm enough to even let some of his skin show with a wide neck and cuffed denim at the ankles!

One Simple Change: If you’re attending a Penn State function this season, this look is missing a hint of blue and white. Substitute the beanie for a Penn State pom hat and you’re ready for tailgating.