WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

The past few weeks have consisted of wind chill advisories, winter weather warnings and leveled snow emergencies for much of the Midwest and East Coast. This alters school and work schedules, your social calendar and most importantly, your fashion choices. Preparing to bare cold weather calls for bulky layers, snow boots and covering all extremities. Most Fashionistas struggle with making outerwear fashionable, while staying warm and safe in these bitter winter temperatures. After observing New York Fashion Week’s street style ensembles, Aisha Hatter’s fabulous furs and this Cincinnati Fashionista, I realized the answer is all in the layering.

It is easy to put on a pair of generic duck boots and a bubble coat when the weather is like a snow globe, but in order to have a new fashionable perspective on outwear layering, you must get creative. Mix and match patterns, colors and texture like this Fashionista. She mixes a plaid blanket scarf with a textured gray sweater. This gives your outfit consistency and steps away from the typical snow bunny ensemble.

Utilizing the most stylish boot in your closet when there are five or more inches of snow on the ground can be difficult. Purchasing a pair of functional, sleek black boots will ensure you have a basic boot to keep your feet warm and snow free, while still being fashionable. Having a basic pair of over-the-knee boots will allow more freedom to mix and match outwear and accessories, because styling for cold weather is all in the layers.

One Simple Change: You decided to venture out to dinner after a snow day inside. Take this look from day to night with a switch of a shoe. Swap your tall winter boots for a minimal black bootie.