WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

With winter still on full blast, many of us are turning to our peacoats and sweaters to stay warm. Whether it be going to work, class or even going out on the town, our outfit must be made to beat the cold weather. Though staying warm during this harsh winter may seem like an uneasy task, it can be made simple with the addition of warm layers. Adding an oversized cardigan, peacoat, scarf or even a blazer can take your outfit from chilly to toasty in a jiff!

This Fashionisto took the cold weather on with his perfectly layered ensemble. I am in love with his gray and black color scheme! This Fashionisto kept it very simple yet fashionable by wearing a dark jean and black combat boot. Combat boots are indeed a necessity during the colder months. Put them on with a pair of your favorite jeans or leggings and give your riding boots a rest!

His gray peacoat is worn over a black and gray sweater. The addition of this peacoat layer provides versatility throughout the day for this Fashionisto. If it does gets warmer he can always remove his layers and vice versa. Anyone can mimic this simple look. Grab your favorite peacoat, sweater, boots and you will have the perfect winter look!

One Simple Change: Already dressed in your peacoat, but ready for a night out on the town? Add a heavy scarf to keep you even more fashionbaly warm while you are out on the town having fun.