WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

It’s April, which one would think would mean warm weather is on the way. You could imagine my surprise when I opened my window this morning to see snow flurries floating outside my window. Snow. I openly wept to my suitemates on how I could not go on getting dressed for this weather and to leave me to my bed and my beloved Netflix. I have lost my motivation and inspiration and longed to wear all the pretty dresses I bought over spring break.

But then I remembered running into this Fashionista. All of a sudden, I wasn’t as upset about the weather, although, I am still very upset about this snow Mother Nature is bestowing upon us.

This Fashionista shows us just how you can look stylish while fighting against the elements. Her all-black ensemble is sleek and sophisticated. Her jacket is so interesting in the way that it combines all fashionable trends into one look. It’s a fitted peacoat with faux leather sleeves and side paneling. Swoon!

The faux leather paneling in her jacket match her accessories, pulling her outfit together. Her boots enable her to walk throughout New York City while maintaining comfort and chicness. She also doesn’t have to worry about her toes getting frostbite! Her leather tote bag adds edginess to her look while keeping everything she needs to take on the Big Apple right by her side.

I love this Fashionista’s glasses and scarf. I am a firm advocate for wearing earth tones with black. Her leopard print scarf, which at this point in the fashion game is a neutral, keeps her warm and breaks up all the black in her outfit. Her glasses are so cute and have a similar pattern as her scarf.

One Simple Change: Meeting the girls to celebrate your Manhattan takeover? Slide on a pair of heels and swipe on your favorite shade of bright lipstick!