WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

Here in Flagstaff, winter takes a longer toll than some of our neighboring cities like the notoriously hot Phoenix. Along with the cold weather comes the time for students to bust out their warmer winter attire. This Fashionisto shows that winter wear can be simple and fashionable with a cozy button-down sweater, a cool pair of gray cuffed jeans and some awesome boots.

Sweaters truly prove their worth when winter comes around and remind us yearly why they are such an asset for a fashion-forward wardrobe. Whether it be to class or even a pleasant day at a coffee shop with a cup and your favorite book, a sweater is something that will keep you comfortable and stylish wherever you are. Patterned sweaters, like the one this Fashionisto sports, are trending this season. The cool grays, blues and blacks that are in the pattern on his sweater really give it an edge while also complementing the gray jeans he’s rocking.

Finishing off his look are pair of black boots. These give the look that extra something and also keep him prepared for all that winter has to offer. Fashionistos around the Northern Arizona campus often stick to Vans or Converse even in the chilly months so it was refreshing to see one step out of the box and take a chance with some boots. It definitely was worth it!

One Simple Change: Looking for a dressed down look for your weekend wear? Substitute the gray cuffed jeans and boots with a pair of joggers and sneakers, and you’re ready for a weekend with the boys!