WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

Back in elementary school, the possibility of a snow day meant sleeping with your pajamas inside out and waking up earlier than usual to stare at the phone, waiting for the “inclement weather” phone call. Now, in college, a dusting of snow no longer guarantees the cancellation of classes. More often than not we find ourselves trekking to class or work despite the drifting flakes. Trudging through the snow is not just annoying—it has the potential to be dangerous if you’re not prepared, which is why it’s necessary to have the right snow day gear.

When I first spotted this Fashionisto, I couldn’t help but notice how warm and content he looked despite the falling snow. The first thing I noticed was his rugged, shearing-lined parka. The waterproof material and insulated lining are perfect for combating a snowy day. The military-style parka has been ubiquitous lately, cropping up in styles from traditional winter coats, to anoraks for warmer, rainy conditions. I found out that this Fashionisto’s specific coat is actually the perfect crossover: the inner lining is removable, leaving the outer shell as a perfect rain jacket in the warmer months. If you love the parka trend but don’t really live in the climate for it, you can also find lighter, unlined versions if you want to rock the trend in warmer season or even indoors.

The next thing I noticed were this Fashionisto’s boots. Weather-appropriate shoes are imperative in the snow to prevent cold, wet feet and keep a stable grip on the slippery ground. The ankle-length cut and waterproof material of these winter boots keep you protected from the weather, without looking clunky.

Our Fashionisto completes his winter look with some classic layers by adding a sweater over a button-down. He chooses monochromatic pieces to keep his look pulled together and prevent the pieces from clashing with the army-green of his coat. Opting for a turtleneck sweater is a smart way to keep your neck warm against the wind, without having to wrangle with (and possibly lose!) a scarf when you inevitably have to take off all of your outerwear once you get to class.

One Simple Change: Once the weather clears up, swap out the winter parka for a wool coat for a weekend trip into the city.