WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

At last, cold weather is upon us. No more thong sandals and the endless dying love for crop tops. Most individuals who reside in cold climates are digging deep within their closets and pulling out their most comfortable sweaters and snuggest winter hats. Drafting up whatever strategies on how to tackle this cold weather, Fashionistas/os all around are bracing for the change, or so I thought.

Spotted on her way to class, this Fashionista’s outfit rebelled against the rudimentary winter requirements. Suited in a full-patterned ensemble, she is decked out in a pair of knit embellished bell-bottom pants and free-flowing tunic top. The color contrasts of nude, brown and burgundy hues complement her entire look. She replaces the common puffer jacket with a faux fur collared black coat, which is a perfect statement piece for her entire look. She tops her outfit off by selecting brown loafers with intricate woven details and an emerald and gold spiked necklace.

At first thought, this Fashionista’s pairings may not seem as the most likely outfit for this season, but she proved to successfully overcome this season’s climate change by incorporating her personal love for warmer weather while combating the bustling winds. We can all benefit from this Fashionista’s thought process by not allowing the season to overcome our style. Live within the moment, and when appropriate, allow for your personality to shine through. So whether you are preparing for a day of classes or a study session at the library, keep your personal style in mind. We all know that this Fashionista will!

One Simple Change: Maybe it is a not so chilly day and rays of sunshine are approaching. Change up this look like replacing the faux fur coat with a lightweight black or nude cardigan. Not only will it allow for you cool down on a warmer winter afternoon, but it will complement the shades and shapes within the outfit. This revised look is perfect for weekend wear.