WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

Looking at the outfits people wear is one of my favorite pastimes and because of this, the winter season is not my favorite. Everyone’s wardrobe seems to be a personal reflection of their hate towards winter as they dress in puffy down coats. The winter time seems to be a sea of black, brown and gray; therefore, it is so refreshing to see someone who does not let the weather get the best of their style.

This Fashionista is the perfect example of someone who embraces the cold weather and I must say she does it flawlessly. I love how she wears a pair of flower patterned shorts to lighten up the look but prepares for the cold weather with a pair of tights, knee-high socks and booties. Her poncho is my favorite part of the look; the deep navy is broken up with fringe detail and it is to die for!

It would be hard to talk about how to dress for winter without mentioning the perfect coat. This deep mustard coat from ModCloth is the perfect way to make a fashion statement even before you get inside for class.

When dressing for the winter weather, it is easy to forget the details; however, this Fashionista added the cutest accessories to her look. Her jeweled necklace, rings and perfect manicure really finish off the look impeccably.

One Simple Change: Want to wear this look day to night?  Instead of wearing knee-high socks and booties, switch it up by taking off the socks and putting on a pair of pumps.