WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

Despite it being spring, everyone is still waiting for the weather to warm up. It seems that we still are not there yet, so we cannot take the heavy clothes off. While we are still waiting, we need to take all the precautions to keep warm and also be versatile to all the changes of the weather. It is hard to find something that is adaptable to this weather.

The outfit that is worn is very adaptable for a weather like this. The whole outfit flows very well and it is a very practical outfit to wear every day for the cold weather. The colors are light so they reflect the colors of nature during this time. This coat is a must-have for this weather since it is still cold and you absolutely need something like this to keep warm. It is better to have more layers than less because you can always take off the layers. If you don’t have enough layers, there is nothing you can do about it.

The other item of this outfit is the jeans. Since the coat is a light color, the dark color of the jeans is very noticeable and creates a great contrast between the two items which makes both of the items stand out more. Another piece of this outfit are the shoes that are very comfortable and casual. The color of the coat and the shoes match very well together. But since the dark pants are in between, it creates more of a variety of colors. The look gives a vibe of casual as well as being stylish and ready to tackle the weather and classes.

One Simple Change: If you take off the jacket from the outfit, the look would be appropriate for spring weather.