WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

January 19th, 2016 at 2:00am

Living in the south doesn’t give us many days of cold weather to enjoy but we make do with what we get. Being from the south, those few chilly days can catch us off guard from time to time. Staying both warm and stylish sometimes feels like an impossibility! Either you bundle yourself up like a marshmallow, ready to battle the cold head on or you suffer through it by stubbornly insisting on wearing less practical pieces. Why does it have to be a compromise?

This Fashionisto chose to confront the cold with class in this wool peacoat. Pairing it with black super skinny jeans and some stylish faux suede booties. The monochromatic dark shades created with these pieces are perfect for the winter season. Meanwhile, the multiple layers under his coat are sure to keep him warm. When the temperature starts to drop there is one thing that we definitely need to remember: layers are our friends. This Fashionisto seems to be no newbie to this rule. He kept the look (and himself) cozy with a speckled gray knit sweater under his coat and a striped scarf to top it all off.

Although some people’s first choice might be to stay inside with a hot cup of cocoa during the winter, hibernating is not always the answer. I know walking from class to class on cold days can be torturous. So let’s all take a lesson from this stylish stud and fearlessly and fashionably, bundle up.

One Simple Change: Taking this look out with friends on the weekend? Try switching the black skinny jeans for a pair of dark wash slim straight ones to give the look a more casual and relaxed look. This way you’ll be ready for any cold weather weekend fun!