WHAT TO WEAR: Coffee and Conversation

What is one word that college students love to hear? Coffee! Going out for coffee with a friend has become a highly popular activity among young people. Most schools offer coffee stations or shops near campus. This allows for students to grab a quick cup before class, as well as meeting with friends after or between classes to discuss the latest in the life of a college student.

This Fashionista styled a fashion-forward outfit that transitions from class to coffee date. She paired a loose top with a strappy bralette and threw on a neutral colored moto jacket to add dimension to the look. A jacket draped across the shoulders, as this Fashionista illustrates, reinforces a level of trendiness to almost any outfit. For bottoms, she wore leggings that look like pants, combining the comfort and style factor, and flat ankle boots.

The details of this Fashionista’s outfit form a decorative look without overwhelming the simplicity of the clothing. A neutral colored handbag that matches the jacket rests at her feet, tying the color scheme together. Elegant earrings hang from her ears as they draw the focus of the outfit up towards the textured center. As mentioned previously, coffee with friends is a favored pastime to many college students, including this Fashionista. Not only does this extend the opportunity to try out a new look or coffee flavor, but it encourages the importance of community. College is difficult enough on its own, from test stress to living situations. Everyone would be driven to a complete mess if they didn’t have others to dwell in the struggle with together. Conversation generates the sense of community with one another; what better way to hold conversation than over a steaming cup of coffee with fellow Fashionistas?