WHAT TO WEAR: Classy For Work

For those who struggle with looking cute yet classy for work, this is the perfect outfit to do just that. I don’t know about you, but I struggle with finding cute outfits that are cute but also work appropriate. This Fashionista has accomplished a look that is preppy and perfect for this occasion.

Layering a collared button-down under a shirt or sweater is such an easy way to look work ready. When wearing collared shirts, adding a statement necklace is my go-to. It gives the outfit a little more pizazz, while also keeping an elegant look. When wearing a chunky necklace, it’s important not to go overboard by adding other large pieces of jewelry. You want the focus to be on the necklace, not to overcrowd your outfit with other pieces of jewelry. My advice, small stud earrings and simple rings look best when pairing with a bold necklace.

With this Fashionista, she went above and beyond, and added another layer for style and warmth. A quilted puffer vest is such a cute piece to add on top. It really finishes off the look and can be worn interchangeably throughout the day.

If your work dress code permits, ripped jeans can be an awesome fashion piece. This Fashionista works at a retail store that sells these, so they are totally appropriate to wear and to show off the style. Another trend that is also in, is cuffing your jeans. Whether you’re wearing booties or even sneakers, a cuffed jean looks very stylish. She topped off her outfit with a pair of brown heeled booties. The heel isn’t too high, so the shoe is classy and still comfortable while at work.

I love this look, and I follow this trend a lot when picking out my outfit for work. It doesn’t take too long to piece together this outfit, and you’ll end up looking great while on the job!