WHAT TO WEAR: Classroom to Coffee Shop

If you have ever been stumped about how you are going to pull off going from class to a coffee date, whether it be a friend date or even something more, do not worry! I have got some bold ideas for you. While wearing bold prints and bright colors seems difficult, this Fashionista shows us just how seamless it is.

You are looking into your closet before your first class, thinking about the day ahead of you and the only question that is circling in your mind is “what to wear, what to wear?” Yes, trying to jet to the coffee shop after going from class to class can be rough, especially when you are a pre-med biology major and aspiring doctor like this super chic chick, but being comfortable and looking great will make you feel like you could take on the world. You have got a long day ahead of you, so being comfortable is key. This Fashionista chose a printed midi dress that flows when the wind blows allowing nothing, not even her dress to constrain her from feeling unstoppable. This Fashionista kept this look classroom casual by toning down these bold prints with a pair of black tights and a black shoulder bag with a furry charm, and keeping her beauty and her hair simple and slicked back. Her shoes were the perfect addition to this look. These criss-cross dark nude suede heels were not too high to walk around class and completed the whole look.

Now, when you are looking through your closet looking for something to wear to class and after class coffee date, the question “what to wear?” will no longer cross your mind.