WHAT TO WEAR: Classroom Confidence

February 9th, 2017 at 2:00am
WHAT TO WEAR: Classroom Confidence

This Fashionisto was on his way to class when I happened to come across him. Cool, confident, and collected, he was on his way to take a test. With his outfit choice, it can be easily understood that this Fashionisto dressed for confidence, and when a Fashionista or Fashionisto is confident in how they look and feel, he or she usually does better on an exam.

As we were talking in between taking photos, he said that he wanted to do well on his test that he had been studying for some time beforehand and read that if a Fashionista or Fashionisto dressed in a confident manner, then it would be reflected in the work ethic.

This look can be categorized as business casual with the combination of more dressed-up button-down from J.Crew and the laid-back, yet well-worn Levi’s jeans. Details, however, determine this Fashionisto’s success. His Born Footwear boots were polished to a shine and help give the outfit a more business approach. His watch determines timeliness for class and can be used when he takes his test to know how much time he can dedicate to which problems. His jacket is an added layer for comfort—especially in cold college classrooms—yet can be taken off for a more business-like atmosphere. He said it was created by Flint and Tinder, a small American business.

For a Fashionista version pair a button-down with a leather jacket and a pair of booties to rock a chic and edgy business casual look.

This Fashionisto knows how to dress for success and yet understand the needs of the classroom. This business casual outfit can be worn not only on exam day, but on any day of the week for a confident, front seat persona.