WHAT TO WEAR: Class Weather Confusion

Orange is the new black and no, I am not talking about the hit Netflix show or our recent change in president. Nope, here I am talking about this Fashionista’s eye-catching coat. Walking down campus walk in the morning, I am usually greeted by a busy sea of black coats and solemn faces on their way to class. Not this Fashionista though. She stood out like an orange flame in a dark hallway.

Her orange pea coat is bright and clearly the focus of her outfit. To make sure her look did not become a busy eyesore, she kept her outfit underneath the coat simple and neutral. She paired a black cable knit sweater over a taupe dress along with black, knee-high socks and a pair of taupe, heeled combat boots. She also decided to keep her accessories simple by merely adding a slouchy, knit beanie to her head. The hat was added more for the look than for the warmth as the warmth of clothing has not really been a necessity this season.

The weather in Virginia has been unusually warm this year so the dress and coat combination work perfectly for class. Typically, students are seen bundled up for their 8 a.m. classes but shed those layers by late afternoon. This outfit balances the weather change out so that this Fashionista can look cute without becoming too hot or too cold all day long. Plus, this look is a little more elevated than the typical jeans and a sweater combo that many people wear to class in the winter.