WHAT TO WEAR: Class to Café

This the first article I am writing from abroad in Florence, Italy. My time here has been amazing so far, and I have met so many stylish students it was hard to pick just one to blog about! Walking out of class today this Fashionista’s jacket caught my eye and I just had to know where she got it.

Here in Florence, we have long three hour classes almost every day of the week. I know life is tough right? Wrong. In the middle of class we take a “café break” and run down to the bar (in Italy, a bar means a coffee shop) to grab an espresso for a little pick me up. This Fashionista knows how to be comfy and cute anywhere from sitting in a classroom all day, to getting her daily cappuccino, to occasionally flirting with the cute barista.

This time of year in Florence is still kind of chilly, so having a cute bomber jacket in your wardrobe is a definite must. The colors of this particular jacket really caught my eye, and I am obsessed with this burnt orange color and its complementary navy blue. Layering a flowing white tank and a lace bralette keeps the outfit simple and chic. Are you obsessed with patterned bomber jackets, too? No worries, shop this orange and blue floral one!

Just when we all thought chokers were on the way out, think again. Although this trend isn’t dying out, it is evolving. We are going from thick fabric style chokers to sleek metal and chain ones that are more simple and elegant. This Fashionista layered two gold dainty necklaces to add to her edgy look. Give this new choker style a try and shop a similar one here. Then, to complete the outfit, a pair of black Italian leather booties! These are a staple in every fashionable Italian girl’s wardrobe, and you can find some cute leather boots here.