WHAT TO WEAR: Class Style

WHAT TO WEAR: Class Style

It’s that time of the semester where people start to constantly check their clocks and calendars, hoping every time they do, time will speed up to be closer to summer. It’s mid-semester blues and everyone gets them. You can deny till you die, but the truth is that we are all praying this semester ends soon so we can hit the beach and not the books. So what’s the good news? We’ve hit that halfway mark of school!

We’ve completed the first daunting round of exams, endured college spring break (and survived), and now we are here, back to school with summer peaking over the horizon and taunting us for the next few months. One thing that becomes routine during this part of the semester is the way that we dress for class. During the first half of the semester, we want to try to dress well for class in order to impress our professor and make a good impression.

The second half consists of waking up late and scrambling to find something to wear off our floor and bolting out the door just to get to class in the nick of time. The best way to master the “just got out of bed look” is just rolling out of bed, but if you want to put a small amount of effort into your class look, the best way is to keep in comfortable. This Fashionista knows the perfect combination of rolling out of bed and being comfortable.

My Fashionista wore a plain white T-shirt with simple black leggings, which is something you could easily “roll out” of bed in. She added a thrifted, oversize plaid shirt and finished her look with a pair of black high-top Converse shoes.