March 3rd, 2017 at 2:00am

We’ve all done it, rolling out of bed with only a few minutes left to spare before class. Yes, we know that if we wake up earlier we would have more time to comb our hair, or pick out a fabulous outfit, blah, blah. Nevertheless, did you know that, none of this has to be that complicated? All it takes is three simple steps: coordination, color, and the clock.

This Fashionisto followed all of the right rules. Number one, coordination. This Fashionisto decided to match his long-sleeve, navy blue, San Diego t-shirt with a pair of khaki pants. A classic combination from the start, navy and khaki. In following this pattern, he also nicely coordinated his orange hat to match with the touch of orange in the San Diego logo on his shirt. The shirt and shoes that he is wearing say chill and relaxed but the pants say, “professor, I’m ready to take my notes now.”

The next step is color. Color is a vital part of this fit. Often times when students are running late to class, we tend to throw on monochromatic outfits: all black, all gray, etc., making it kind of obvious that, there’s little to no effort in my wardrobe today. If you notice, this Fashionisto did just the opposite. The color of his backpack even pops! By playing with the contrast in the shades of blue he is not only showing his personal like of the color, but that he also knows that the key is in the color. Shoes are what tie this outfit together. Nothing says that I tried more than wearing actual shoes. You can always tell when a student is running late or just hopped out of bed by their shoes. Commonly, you’ll see a sweatshirt, jogging pants, and flip-flops. Although his shoes are mainly white, the red stripes along the side also join the sea of colors that this Fashionisto is rocking. The orange from his hat, the orange/yellow in the shirt’s logo, down to the red in the sneakers all work together quite well.

The clock is the last and final step. It may seem as though an outfit like this would take some planning and thought. However, it takes very little of both. It really just takes confidence and creativity. The same way you would approach a paper that you’ve procrastinated on, with an “I can do this, let’s just get it done”, attitude is the same way you can approach, “rolling out of bed.” Get it done well enough to say you did it, and you’ve done it well.