October 14th, 2015 at 2:10am

It’s normal to hit the snooze button five times and then wake up to realize that your class starts in 20 minutes. I’ve been there myself, and it is no fun trying to look as though you haven’t just rolled out of bed. However, for those who do happen to wake up and attempt to look half put together for school, it can be difficult to create an outfit that isn’t too dressy for a 50-minute lecture, but also one that isn’t just slopped together. What is a Fashionista/o to do?

This Fashionista’s outfit looks effortlessly chic for a long day of classes on campus. For us Floridians, it isn’t sweater weather just yet, so a casual tank top will do you just fine. Her Forever 21 top is simple, but pom-pom accents add just a little fun to this loose-fitting garment. Ripped boyfriend jeans are casual and edgy, and can be great for colder classrooms. Since she is in class all day, this Fashionista didn’t even need many accessories or “wow” pieces. She keeps it simple with a Michael Kors watch and metallic gold sandals.

I always love a good bag that can second as a backpack. For those who think that oversized backpacks can take away from an amazing outfit, this black purse is the perfect size for a laptop and a couple of notebooks; this is just what this Fashionista needs to get her through the day. As a bonus, its professional look makes it appropriate for multiple occasions.

When it comes to dressing for class, you don’t need to go overboard. Wearing an outfit that is overthought and overdone can be distracting. Instead, make your classmates jealous with a look that is polished and comfy. Just like the ever-so-amazing Beyoncé said, “Make them think you just woke up like that (flawless!).”

One Simple Change: You’re in class and a cute boy invites you to a casual dinner that night. You only have a few quick minutes at home before you have to leave again, so what do you do? Swap the ripped jeans for patterned shorts or skirt and head out the door; you’ll still look casual, but you will be a little more feminine for your date night!