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October 15th, 2015 at 2:05am

It’s easy to get caught in the rabbit-hole of sweatshirts and leggings while you’re in college. You’re busy, it’s cold and you need something cozy and convenient. But isn’t it nice when you can walk to class like you’re walking down the runway? Class is the perfect time to put your best foot forward. You can catch someone’s attention and maybe even get featured on CollegeFashionista! This Fashionista did exactly that when she took the opportunity to show off her style while most others were rolling into class bed-headed and sleepy-eyed.

The best part of this look is that it represents my favorite time of year: fall! You can bring out your flannels, light coats and leggings yet still keep your crop tops without overheating or freezing to death. This Fashionista paired her loose crop top with a pair of gaucho pants and slip-on sneakers. Her jacket, which looks like a combination of a tweed and camel jacket, is the best addition to this look. It helps pull everything together while still giving off boho, relaxed and laid-back vibes.

Her gaucho pants are the perfect trendy piece, they’re effortless yet dressy. Her light blue snakeskin, platform sneakers add an edgy aspect to her outfit, shaking up the otherwise boho look. Although her top, bottom and jacket are loose, they are still fitted, allowing her to look coordinated, put together and not baggy. The accessories help polish off this look; her sunglasses require the confidence of Robocop but they totally work! Her watch, necklaces and bracelets are simple but act as subtle accents for the entire outfit.

One Simple Change: Does your weather flip-flop like mine does? Simply loose the jacket for a warm spring day and to show off your crop top!