October 13th, 2015 at 2:00am

There’s no feeling quite like waking up at the crisp break of dawn, sunlight beaming through your tiny apartment window and stretching before leaping out of bed eagerly to sprint to an early morning lecture. And that’s because that feeling doesn’t exist. We’ve all been in that place of wanting to hit snooze before putting on shoes. When your bed feels like a dreamy, warm marshmallow cloud on those early Monday mornings, going to class can feel like the life’s biggest challenge, let alone putting together an outfit for it. Why roll out in sweatpants (and okay, we’re all guilty of that sometimes) when you can be comfortable and feel 10 times more put together? After all, the right outfit can perk you up and inspire an impromptu photo shoot even before some morning coffee.

This Fashionista keeps it easy with the ultimate closet essential that pairs well with everything from flannels to floral: a black T-shirt dress. Brandy Melville is home to some of the softest pieces you may ever try on, which will make your class outfits feel more like pajamas. Who doesn’t want to be comfortable during those long lectures? The bold denim jacket gives the outfit some structure and balances out the carefree vibe of the dress without the cost of comfort. And the black ankle booties are another staple that you’ll find yourself reaching for all year long.

Backpack feeling blah? Our Fashionista kept things smart with her neutral tote bag, which fits all those two ton textbooks and then some. If you’re going to have to schlep it all around, you may as well schlep in style. For a finishing touch of sparkle, this Fashionista added a delicate ring and a bold watch because nothing can cure those Monday blues quite like a bit of rose gold.

One Simple Change: Swap that denim for a leather jacket to give you an edgier vibe for a girl’s night out. Honestly, the right outerwear can help you conquer the world. Or at least dinner with friends. Either way, it’s an accomplishment.