While it is easy to get absorbed in clubs, sports and a social life while at college, we are here for a reason: to learn. While some love early classes, others feel the hardship of waking up before 8:00 a.m. and revert to the ever-so-popular sweatpants. We’ve all done it at least once, but soon become guilt ridden when we walk into our morning math class and see the perfectly put together Fashionista sitting front and center. She probably is already on her second cup of coffee too! Luckily morning class doesn’t mean we need to pass up on showing our personal style, we just need to simplify. This Fashionista shows us an outfit doesn’t need to be bland to be easy, comfortable and perfect for class.

She stuck to three simple components to make up this outfit: a patterned sleeveless top, comfy leggings and sandals. The floral on the blouse gives visual interest (and distracts from the bags under our eyes) while the neutral leggings allow the graphic to pop. Chances are most of us have multiple tops and leggings that could easily work, making it as easy as grabbing one of the closest things in your closet. Beyond this base layer, she added her everyday accessories and minimal make up. In total, this look takes at most ten minutes to put together before bolting out the door, allowing this Fashionista to catch some extra Zs. She will probably need them, midterms are coming.

One Simple Change: Finally finish Friday classes and want to go out? Try swapping the sandals for cool sneakers and a leather jacket to add foot protection and an edgy layer to your look.