We’re a month into school and classes are in full swing. With professors dishing out assignments and projects from left and right, the last thing on our minds is what we’re wearing to class. Some of you may even choose to just roll out of bed and sport pajamas for the day. However, a stylish outfit can still be easily put together right before you rush out the door.

Keeping statement pieces in your closet will make getting dressed in the morning faster than making a bowl of cereal. Simple tops with a bold necklace or funky patterned bottoms are pairings that can be quickly thrown together. My favorite piece of clothing that can be found in my closet is my pair of destroyed boyfriend jeans. They can be paired with almost anything and they instantly give any outfit an effortless “edgy” factor.

This Fashionisto paired his dark, destroyed denim with a lighter denim button-down. Denim on denim is hard to pull off and usually frowned upon, but the dark shades this Fashionisto chose really worked well together. Classrooms on my campus still have the air blasted even with the temps dropping outside, so his brown twill bomber served two purposes: fashion and function. Jackets are an easy addition to any outfit and can be slipped on and off as needed throughout the day. Lastly, his well-worn brown lace-up boots really gave his outfit that “lived-in” look, which added to the effortless vibe. I also really like how he cuffed his pants to show the details of his socks.

One Simple Change: Ready to hit the city after class for a concert or party? Ditch the tweed for some leather and throw on a darker pair of boots. Maybe even switch it up with a funkier pair of socks. Blend into the night and live it up ‘til morning.