Fall semester has begun! Syllabus week is long gone, classes are rolling and everyone in lecture is ornamented with a large cup of coffee. It can be quite difficult deciding what to wear to class on a day-to-day basis. As college students, we often face the dilemma of choosing between style and comfort. We either rock professional interview attire or sweatpants and sometimes, we are not sure if there is such thing as a best of both worlds. Have no fear though, the possibilities are there! This one goes out to all of my Fashionistas/os who desire to learn how to look suave and feel comfy at the same time.

T-shirts have long been known to provide maximum comfort with very little hassle. They are stretchy, cozy and only take about three seconds to put on. A great way to rock a T-shirt with style is to grab one that has an aesthetically pleasing print or graphic. Logos, graphic art and/or motivational slogans are all acceptable. This is a successful way to display personal flavor without sacrificing the desire to be cozy. Transforming a T-shirt into something even more dapper is easy. Just pair it up with some cool-colored khaki shorts. Colorful khaki shorts are great because they are the life of the party. They portray a fun vibe while simultaneously letting your onlookers know that you mean business. Not to mention, they are comfortable! For an added level of “on-my-way-to-class” comfort, complete your outfit with a pair of sneakers. Any assortment of Vans, Lacoste or Nike shoes will do just fine. Adding sneakers to an ensemble aids in making sure that long walk across campus is a comfy one. For the Fashionistas/os who wish to take their style to the next level, be sure to accessorize. Throwing on a watch or your favorite bracelet is a great way to add personality to your look. Now that you’re fully equipped with the basics, get on out there and take those midterms in style, comfortably!

One Simple Change: Did you just get out of your last class and have a date night ahead? Trade your sneakers for a pair of sharp dress shoes and you are ready to go!