With the weather finally cooling down in the midwest, it’s time to switch out your tank top and shorts to a more cozy option. Isn’t that why we have all fallen in love with the fall season so much? The perfect temperature between hot and cold. I personally think it is the most fun and easy time to dress for class.

With midterms approaching fast, we’re all getting into that get-it-done mode this week. I’m talking about class, homework, meetings, errands, cleaning and all kinds of necessary running around that we’ve gleefully neglected for the past few weeks. So what do you wear for all that productiveness? Here our Fashionista is ready to jump right into the fall weather. Her striped sweatshirt dress is a cozy, yet movable option for her long hours in the design studio. Finishing off her look, she added short black leather boots, black wool hat and jewelry. With a simple dress, it is always important to dress up your look with different pieces of jewelry. Here she chose to mix her metals with a monogram necklace, statement necklace, watch and assortment of rings. This look can be easily replicated with any sweatshirt dress to spice up your class wardrobe.

One Simple Change: Take this look from class to date night with a simple change of shoes. Swap the leather boots for a pair of leather booties to dress up your sweatshirt dress. This look is great for a casual night out to eat where you don’t have to sacrifice being comfortable.