October 1st, 2015 at 5:10pm

We all know how hectic schedules can become during the school year. Picking the perfect outfit in the morning is almost as important as eating breakfast when you wake up. I always say: An outfit can make or break you.

Running around from work to class, internships, study breaks to who knows what else can leave you feeling you’ve worn an outfit to its limit in just one day. You want to keep it conservative, but don’t want to look like a drag going to class. You have to keep it professional going to your internship, but want to keep it comfy while studying.

My trick is I always try to keep accessories and layers in my car. That way, when I need to dress up, down or prepare myself for unexpected temperatures, I’m always prepared. For example, I know my work place is always freezing, so during the summer months I keep a cardigan handy.

This Fashionista is ultimately prepared. This outfit is so versatile, and there’s a multitude of things you could do in it. It’s nice enough to impress your peers, but not too over the top. The dress she picked is clean cut but has an interesting pattern so it’s not too plain. The sandals keep the look casual and the denim jacket adds more interest. Her minimalistic jewelry adds a little more detail to the outfit.

One Simple Change: To dress it up, she can ditch the jacket and trade in the sandals for chic mules. With just after a few minor adjustments, she’s ready to take on a date night. And let us not forget, no look is complete without a cute, little pup!