Happy almost summer readers! This past week was such a tease with warm temperatures and sunny days. Campus is winding down and classes are wrapping up; finals week is right around the corner but yet outfits continue to be oh so chic. This month’s Fashionista was so fun to shoot. Her cute laid back style and loose curls made her a natural in front of the camera.

PSA ladies: denim skirts are in, and pencil skirts are out. From army green to washed blue jean, button-up denim skirts are everything right now. Our adorable Fashionista paired her look with Converse and a white shirt over a black bralette. This look is full of classics. Such basic pieces paired together to make a look that can be worn anywhere. Converse are a huge necessity when walking from class to class. They are a shoe that will never go out of style and can be easily paired with anything. Tying shirts adds that little touch and the open back style gives a glimpse of the black lace. Making the way to the dainty details, our Fashionista let me on a secret. She is lucky enough to have a mom work at a jewelry store, so it only makes sense she had the cutest arm candy.

One Simple Change: Making plans for your first weekend back at home? You can rock this look for any occasion. From last week of classes to weekend wear, a button-up mini will always be the answer. Switch out the Converse for wedges and have a good time with your girlfriends.