I’m from Chicago where the weather can be pretty bipolar at times, but I think Kent, Ohio could win the medal for most unpredictable weather changes. This weekend was really cold and it persisted into Monday morning. Some Fashionistas may have a hard time battling this crazy weather when having to dress for morning lectures but not the one I spotted.

This outfit features a denim on denim effect that I love. She layers a navy blue jacket underneath a dark wash denim jacket. Both jackets are layered over a button up shirt that has a really nice pattern and a wide collar. I love the geometric pattern that covers her button-up top, the pattern really complements her denim and the blue jacket very well. The layering up on top is perfect for all the wind we get here at Kent State and is perfect while in classes because you can remove the outer jackets if class gets a little warm. The layers are put on over a pair of straight leg jeans and then paired with a cute pair of black and gold embellished sandals. Adding the sandals to this outfit balances out the heavy layers on top.  I love how she paired this classic denim look with silver hoop earrings. I don’t know about you but I love when earrings are layered on together, it always adds an edgy touch to your outfit.

 One Simple Change: To transition this look from day to night, simply take off the two layered jackets. You could transform this look for dinner after class or even a study date with friends. The geometric button-up and straight leg jeans with the black sandals would go perfectly for either.