Well, the new semester has officially arrived and class is back in session. Students all over the country are reigning in their first day with copious amounts of coffee, sleep in their eyes and summer still on their mind. One thing that makes getting up for early morning classes a bit better? Finally getting to wear the new pieces you have added to your wardrobe! Summer allowed you to slowly accumulate adorable new pieces that you have been saving and now is the time to showcase them! After all, dress for success and dress well, test well, Fashionistas!

I found this Fashionista sporting a casual but totally cute outfit that is perfect for class. She kept it simple by wearing a pair of cuffed light wash jeans with a black tank top. It is minimalistic and has a no-frills attitude, but looks put together and classy. Also, the light wash jeans keep this look perfect for daytime and the flowy black tank top is a staple that every Fashionista should have. Adding some color to the outfit was essential, which she did through a funky teal fringe statement necklace. While a lot of statement necklaces are bigger and bolder, this one is a bit smaller but trendy and fashion-forward and it does not make the outfit look overdone. In addition to a black FitBit, she wore a couple of bangles and a friendship bracelet. She completed the look with black sandals and a custom monogrammed backpack, which coincidentally matched her necklace. Monograms are an essential for any preppy college Fashionista and this is a great way to customize a necessity that is normally boring. Finally, she straightened her hair and wore black eyeliner along with a coral red lip.

Class might not be something you always look forward to, but fashion is! An outfit like this is perfect for adjusting to the new semester and experimenting with your look. It might be difficult to wake up for that 8:00 a.m. class that you regret signing up for, but with a fun outfit and an iced latte in hand, you can take on anything!

One Simple Change: You can easily transform this outfit from class to girls night out on the town! Swap out the sandals for a pair of cool black wedges and add a brown vegan leather jacket. Finally, add a few more bangles and replace the backpack with a black fringe shoulder bag.