September 28th, 2015 at 2:00am

Every one of us at one point has faced the question “What should I wear today?” with a somewhat troubled expression as we glance into our closets in the morning. This week I hope to address this question to make your morning routine a lot smoother, yet always fashionable!

Especially as college students, we have busy lives and our outfits should ideally match and support our schedules. Looking professional with a touch of casual undertone is a great approach to solving the dilemma of choosing a stylish outfit for a long day of classes and learning. As long as you have a few basic pieces of clothing in your wardrobe on hand, you will easily and quickly replicate this look.

This Fashionista sports an on-trend style as she makes her way throughout the city to the campus. She successfully combines two different looks which results in an outfit perfect for attending class, participating in after school meetings and spending the day out and about. She pairs a pleated black skirt with a simple gray top as the foundation for her outfit. The matching black flats (a shoe that is a necessary in every closet) keep the outfit from becoming too dressy for class. The additional white scarf and jean jacket with cloth sleeves create the ultimate daytime assembly. I absolutely am in love with hooded denim jackets because you can wear them so many different stylish ways in the fall season. Bring on the cooler temperatures because I am ready to pull out the jackets!

To make this outfit even more versatile, you could swap out the jean jacket with a leather jacket and throw on a lace crop top to make an ideal style for your next night out and about with friends. You could even wear black ankle boots for an extra sprinkle of fabulousness!

 One Simple Change: Sometimes the cool fall weather calls for adding an extra layer of warmth. Slip on a pair of black tights and black booties for the perfect autumn look.