As the semester begins to really kick into high gear, it is very common to see students hustling and bustling around campus. It’s already busy enough having to rush from class to class but rushing from class in the dance studio to class in the lecture hall can sometimes take the fashion out of being a student. That isn’t the case for this Fashionisto and fellow Dance major! Transitioning from a tough morning technique class to biology lab with such style and comfort is an everyday thing for him.

Dressed head to toe in his favorite chromatic color scheme, this Fashionisto decided to play with patterns instead of colors. While many others are still indulging in the essence of summer, he has no issue going against the grain with this darker ensemble. His classic black and white adidas joggers are a nice streamline from his gray patterned quarter-zip jacket to his gray mosaic patterned adidas XZ Flux sneakers.

Being stylish from class to class must include accessories. This black Hershel backpack plays its part by both carrying school supplies and tying together this simple look. To top it all off, his cool rings (which are classic family heirlooms) and black sunglasses add the aesthetic of the cool on this sunny day despite the lack of color. This outfit is not only the perfect way to stay comfortable, but also a very understated way to be one of the most fashionable kids in class.

One Simple Change: Want to kick the look up a notch from sporty to chic? If you’re going out for a night on the town later, switch the joggers for a pair of black jeans and toss the quarter-zip for a nice black leather jacket. You can never go wrong with a dark color scheme, no matter what time of day!