September 25th, 2015 at 2:00am

It’s finally getting cooler outside, which means it’s the perfect time to break out your favorite, lightweight jackets.

A kimono-inspired jacket is one of the most comfortable pieces you can be wearing to fight off cold breezes and chilly classrooms. Its lightweight material maintains the airy feel of summertime while adding layers to keep warm in AC-blasted classrooms or walks between class. Sitting in a cramped lecture hall for two hours might not be that fun, but at least you know you’ll look great, and you’ll be learning without too much distraction from uncomfortable clothes.

Styling a kimono so you don’t look too casual takes skill and some serious balancing techniques, but it’s definitely worth the risk for such a stylish and comfortable outcome. This Fashionista paired her jacket with a simple tank top and some light wash distressed denim that balanced out her outfit perfectly. Partnering fitted clothes with a loose jacket provides a sense of structure to the look without it becoming overwhelming.

Her gray sneaker are another outfit essential that makes this Fashionista’s look perfect for the classroom. Heels and booties may be ultra cute for the fall, but they’re unsupportive and not always the best for across campus treks and adventures. The ideal solution? A pair of sleek, neutral sneakers will complete your cool outfit while still looking fabulous.

One Simple Change: Trying to style your kimono and sneakers for a concert with friends instead of class? Changing out your tank top for a fitted crop top can add that extra bit of skin that you need to make your look more fun.