October 20th, 2015 at 2:00am

To all the legging lovers, hoodie wearers and Nike shoe collectors out there, I have some unfortunate news for you: this leisure wear trend is only a thing in America. Here in Florence, athletic wear is not really acceptable to wear out and about or to that early morning class you don’t feel like dressing up for. Don’t fret though, there are other great and comfortable alternatives to help you fit into the trendy Italian lifestyle. Since a day in the life of a study abroad student is quite unpredictable, it’s always good to go with a more neutral look so that whether you end up at a bar after class (bars serve coffee in Italy, so no we aren’t always partying), take a visit to one of the many beautiful museums or just end up on a stroll around town you are dressed for the occasion.

This Fashionista nailed it with her simple black and white ensemble. For her bottoms she chose a high rise black jean. Black jeans are a great option when looking for a versatile bottom. They look dressier than a plain blue jean or black legging, but are still comfortable and they’re great for hiding all the Italian pasta you may have devoured before heading out to class. For her top this Fashionista chose a lightweight turtleneck sweater. I don’t know how everyone feels about the comeback of the turtleneck, but personally I’m ecstatic. In my opinion, they are slimming and give a little extra warmth without having to wear a scarf. The high neck as well as the ribbings on the torso of the sweater are both nice details to what would otherwise be a fairly plain top.

She chose to roll the sleeves up in order to show off her beautiful gold watch, an essential piece for those hours in class when there is no way of telling time. What really makes this Fashionista’s outfit is her killer shoes and leather backpack. Her black leather booties are trimmed in gold which accessorizes well with her watch and gives them a dressier feel. They are durable and have only a small heel so they can be worn all day on the uneven streets of Florence without killing her feet. Then we come to my favorite part of the ensemble, the leather backpack. When in Florence, leather is a must! This leather backpack is finished in a beautiful dark cherry color and has a convenient front pocket. This piece works perfectly as a backpack for class because it is still functional but very stylish. Overall her look is put together, classy and still comfortable for a day of class.

One Simple Change: To spice up this look for a day to night, switch out the leather backpack for a black leather jacket. Add some statement jewelry pieces and you are ready to enjoy many of the nightclubs or bars found throughout this beautiful Italian city.