It kind of feels like an eternity since we have all been in school, and I don’t know about you, but I have been forgetting a lot of things. I keep wondering where my classes are, who are all these people I don’t recognize, why can’t I interact normally with people and of course what in the world do I wear to class. I would love to impress my classmates everyday with my dazzling style, but honestly who has that kind of time and energy? Going to class is for learning and being comfortable, so there’s no need to waste time about fretting what to wear all the time. It is hard for Fashionistas to reason with this, but it is easy to look cute and comfortable.

This Fashionista conquers the cute and comfortable look. First, her funky jean shorts are amazing because of the embellishment. They create a casual vibe while being slightly out there and different. She paired these shorts with a simple striped cotton shirt which is very comfortable for class. For accessories, her silver layered necklaces are a nice addition to her simple outfit. The necklaces are dainty and keeps the look light and casual. Lastly, for shoes her Converse are great to walk around campus for looking cute while not killing your feet.

One Simple Change: Taking this casual daytime outfit to night is not going to be too difficult. Keep the funky shorts on and switch the cotton shirt for a sleek bodysuit. Then, switch the converse for your favorite pair of heels.