September 11th, 2015 at 2:00am

The fall semester is finally in full swing, which can only signify one thing: the end-of-summer slump; wardrobe slump that is. The beginning of the semester is always the best; everyone is well-rested, excited for classes and gearing up for another hectic yet amazing few months.

One thing that is not ready for the fall semester, is well, fall. There’s nothing like heading to class on a humid, 90-degree day in early September only to be trapped in an over air conditioned building freezing your sundress off.

Such a contrast in temperatures can make picking the perfect outfit virtually impossible—especially when booties and chunky sweaters are calling your name. So I took to the (campus) streets to see how my fellow students were coping with the confusion.

This particular Fashionista absolutely nailed it. She chose a light and airy long sleeve blouse to keep her cool outside and comfortable inside. It even has an adorable yet subtle polka-dot detail for a little added fashion flare.

From there, she decided to go with light wash denim shorts and a classic brown leather belt. The denim complements the shirt, yet still draws attention to its detail, whereas the belt ties everything together in a well put together ensemble that is both trendy and practical for whatever a late summer heat wave may throw your way.

Pair the outfit with matching leather sandals and some fun accessories and you could not be more prepared for class (you know, minus the whole homework thing).

One Simple Change: Heading from class straight to a girl’s night out? Swap out the denim shorts for a pair of skinny jeans and you are on your way!