Out here in the Midwest, Fashionistas/os have been hitting the ground running this semester! Any Fashionista/o understands that to reach success you always have to dress your best, even for those dreaded 8:00 a.m. classes. After all, the first step to a productive day starts with an excellent pair of shoes, right? The Fashionista captured above understands the importance of putting thought into her wardrobe for a full day of classes.

There is a lot to consider when getting dressed for classes. First you have to think about if the building will be blasting the air conditioning. For some reason college buildings like to crank the air conditioning to arctic temperatures. Always pack some kind of layering piece that you can easily throw on when attending those types of environments.

This Fashionista decided on wearing an extended, sleeveless, cable knit sweater. Perfect for those classes that have zero below temperatures. One of the hottest denim trends is richly colored pieces like the destructed, merlot colored skinny jeans from PacSun. This colored denim trend is essential for making a statement this fall with any outfit. One of the other great aspects, is that merlot can be easily paired with neutral toned pieces to make it standout.

Notice how the Fashionista adds a feminine touch with the intricate detailing in her white-laced top. The femininity of the top balances out the masculinity of the destructed denim perfectly, giving this flirty look a bit of edge.

Notice she went for lightweight jewelry. Taking notes all day whether you are typing or writing means you want to avoid big statement bracelets. Bulky arm candy can get real annoying real quick when taking notes in lecture. This Fashionista decides to add an edgy appeal to her look with multiple earrings. One the biggest trends this fall season is backpacks. The Fashionista’s floral and lace detailed bag complements her sweater and white top.

One Simple Change: After a full day of rocking it in the lecture halls it is time to prepare for that big test that’s coming up in a few days. To be at a top notch performance level for an excellent study session with your fellow Fashionista/os here are a few ways to transition your outfit from class to library. Switch out the sandals for a pair of short booties. To have the ultimate comfort when hitting the books, switch up your skinny jeans for a pair of boyfriend fit jeans. The boyfriend fit is making a huge impact on every Fashionista this season. You’ve already got an A+ in style, so good luck this semester my fellow Fashionistas/os!