Stop hitting that snooze button and roll out from underneath the covers because it’s time to get to class! Getting ready for class can be extremely difficult especially when you are still half asleep and wishing you could bring your bed to class with you. I know parting ways with your beloved bed and comfortable pajamas is an emotional roller coaster, but I’m here to tell you that you do not need to sacrifice your comfort to stay stylish! It is important to manage your time effectively in college and nothing is more embarrassing than walking into class with a great outfit but being called out by your professor for being late. At the end of the day, your education is the most important aspect of being a true college Fashionista/o and that means getting to class on time!

Staying stylish and getting to class on time does not necessarily mean you need to have a rotation schedule for your hoodies, yoga pants, and sweats. To quote Karl Lagerfeld, “Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants.” A little harsh there, Karl, but being a Fashionista/o involves thinking outside the box when it comes to putting together outfits! Even though you are probably a little sleep deprived from that all nighter, you can still pull together a few staples from your fall wardrobe to create the perfect casual look!

I spotted LIM’s resident Fashionisto walking to class and simply had to capture a picture of his outfit. His trendy plaid button-down shirt from H&M has solid black sleeves which puts a fun twist on a grunge piece that can make his look casual or more formal if he decides to switch it up. He added a simple white T-shirt from Old Navy to give the look a bit of a pop while still staying with a classic color scheme. He paired his button-down shirt with his favorite pair of denim patch jeans from Forever 21, which are easy to throw on and make any outfit look like you put hours of effort into it! Since we go to school in New York City, it is extremely important to utilize wardrobe staples that are wearable on the go. We are running for the subway and sprinting from building to building to get to our classes but we still need to look the part while doing so! This Fashionisto’s classic adidas Originals keep his outfit current while still prioritizing his comfort and gives him the ability to sprint to class, since it’s probably faster than waiting for the 6 train to come. For the final touch, go ahead and throw on a pair of RAD shades which are from ALDO, just so you can’t see the haters.

One Simple Change: If our Fashionisto wanted to make his outfit more formal, all he would have to do is switch his adidas with some black loafers and button his shirt up to create a professional yet simple look! These changes could be made while he’s waiting for the subway or running from class to an interview.