Not only has your alarm disturbed you during your beauty sleep, but you wake up to the dreaded moment of having to pick out an outfit for class in the morning which may or may not consist of frustratingly ripping through your closet and claiming you have “nothing” to wear (we all know that’s not true). Rolling out of bed and looking effortless can be tricky, especially when torn between dressing for comfort and dressing to impress. Students with style often assume they have to sacrifice one for the other, but I promise, pulling yourself together to be presentable (and maybe even admired) while staying calm and cozy for your busy day does not always have to be such a battle.

This Fashionista never fails to steal the spotlight on the UVM campus with her sophisticated yet relaxed style and sweet smile. She proves that fashion can be functional and always avoids the extremes of overdressing and underdressing (you will never spot her in sweats). On the first day of class, this Fashionista sported the most darling, floral romper that flawlessly balanced comfort and class along with her go-to accessories that provide the basic everyday needs with their versatile designs. The neutral-toned book-bag carries all she needs for a productive day while her metallic sandals add a splash of sparkle to the ensemble. And we must never forget to always grab a loyal pair of stylish shades in exchange of caking on makeup; allowing natural beauty is everything! This outfit not only demonstrates dressing with originality to occasion, but also acts as a transition piece between summer and fall with its blue and purple pallet and longer, flowy sleeve.

Always be sure to have your easy outfits ready-to-go for those rushed early mornings! You will surely thank yourself when you don’t have to scramble to find something in five minutes.

One Simple Change: Planning to meet friends for a girl’s night out after a long day of classes? This easy-breezy yet eye-catching look may be casually cute, but can be dressed up by throwing on a lively pair of wedges (you can keep them on hand in your trendy tote), letting your hair down, and trading in the shades for just a tint of color on your cheeks and shimmer on your eyelids.