It’s the middle of summer, yet some are still in school. Whether you’re taking a class to get ahead or taking a class to fix that little slip up you had first semester, summer school is a common thing. Sometimes it can seem hard to wear cute clothes in the summer because nothing can keep you cool enough. The summer heat can be blazing in some parts of the country, and that can totally kill the put together vibe we all strive to give off.

This Fashionista has a good mix of casual and cool. Her spaghetti straps keep the Fashionista cool, while still looking fashionable at the same time. This pale pink color is a great summer look because it doesn’t attract much sun. The cooler you can be, the better. Her shorts are great as well because they are dark and bring a good contrast to the light color shirt. Having shorts that are shorter in length but not skin tight, are almost always a good look.

To pull the look together, the Fashionista has on some black flats that can turn any outfit fabulous. These shoes have a nice amount of bling to catch the eye, but not so much to be overpowering. These are also great to walk from class to class. Lastly, the Michael Kors watch is a great addition, because it matches the shoes and ties the whole look together. Keeping it simple with one or two pieces of jewelry is great for a hot day, because too much can make you way too hot.

One Simple Change: Sometimes classes can be cold right? You don’t want to be shivering while you’re trying to concentrate, so switch out those black shorts for some ripped boyfriend jeans. The holes will keep you cool and give you a street style vibe at the same time.